Sightseeing in Moscow. Day 2

Yesterday was very nice day from weather point of view. Therefore I could spend more time in the afternoon by walking around. Moscow as a city has a long & rich history, great culture and a lot of cultural entertainment. I preferred to take some Moscow sightseeing but some of my colleagues decided go to some theater performance. If you are interested in cultural side of traveling – check the wide offer of world famous performances, theaters, concerts, exhibitions in Moscow.

Moscow. Kremlin view from riverside

Moscow. Kremlin view from riverside

As I mentioned before on Thursdays many museums have longer working hours. I decided go to Tretyakov Gallery – largest collection of Russian Fine arts. This museum is located in Zamoskvorechie – across the Moscow river. On the map it looks like quite a distance for walking but practically it is pretty close to Kremlin area.

Moscow. The dathedral of the Christ the Saviuor

Moscow. The dathedral of the Christ the Saviuor

At first I went to the Cathedral Christ the Saviour (Metro station Kropotkinskaya ). I would say that this cathedral is one of the ‘must’ things to see. Building itself is nice & impressive. Hard to believe that in Soviet times there was a public swimming pool… That was the Soviet attitude to the church – at first to destroy or at least put something contradicting / ignoring religional values.

So my destinations were Cathedral of the Christ the Saviour – Tretyakov Gallery – beginning of Arbat Street. From walking point this distance took me around an hour (including picture taking on the way). Sightseeing on this route is very nice because you can see many attractions from the bridges on the way. With some map or guide book it is easy to find a way.

What comes today – nothing from sightseeing point of view. It is Friday today. I’m busy during the day but in the evening there will be a special party organized for the participants of the event I’m in Moscow. Event is big & therefore there will be a live concert of local artists. Not found of pop or techo music but why not to get to know Russian stars 🙂

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