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Travel plans for Berlin

With all the online services it’s very easy to plan a trip to any place prom comfort of home. My next trip is to Fitness conference in Berlin. I’ve been in Germany before but this year it is in different place in Berlin -LokaHi Loft Berlin, not far from Adenauer Platz. Therefore have to do some online  investigation.

 There are areas in Berlin I’m more familiar with and this time event will be held in area that I like a lot – Kurfurstendamm. And here comes the privileges of Internet – option to see location on the maps and find area information as well. I will take a few extra days to have some time on my own to do sightseeing (and shopping 🙂 ). Therefore this time to pick a hotel I have 3 things to consider – location, breakfast and free WiFi Internet access. Thats is where comes in – for European hotels this is the best site to look. Good prices and all the necessary additional information about hotels. Good idea – read hotel reviews before booking.

Well, but there are so many hotels in area of Kurfustendamm…

Advantages of online booking

Though I have a vision of what I would like & how I would like to see the progress of my ideas, time goes by much faster then I can follow my own plans. And there are so many things to do 🙂  Why I started that online travel agency project? Because I believe it saves a lot of time and money to plan and organize any trip you need for yourself if you have access to Internet. And you will be sure that you find THE BEST deal possible.

In my experience with all those trips I have done, it happens quite often – ideas about some possible (impossible) destinations come quite unexpectly. In the evenings when you are in good mood, some ideas might be even crazy. For example when I received e-mail about Eros Ramazoti concert in Frankfurt I thought: who would do that? But I became curious. Did some Internet research. Check possible flights, hotels for particular city. Then I went to some travel agency and asked what they can offer. Still kind of far from intention to go to that concert. Then suddenly one night couple weeks later I decide I wanna go there! So I do all the necessary bookings by myself in Internet.

Do you remember yourself in similar situations? Lately almost in 90% of situations like this I have returned to planning and booking by myself because the prices and connections I’ve found online are better. At first I wasn’t sure about all these organizational things – tickets, transfers, hotels… but everything passed smoothly and now all my worries are gone. Especially now when airlines are working more and more with electronical tickets but in hotel they just ask for you last name, online booking of any trip has became very comfortable.

Not sure? Seams complicated? Well, start with simple actions, short trip , hotel reservation with low expences (just in case if it goes wrong – easy to fix by phone call to service provider). If everything is fine – print out conformation letter and you are ready to go.