Hello! My name is Zane. Hmm… Hard to pronounce? Could be …because in my language we don’t spell letters like in English. Therefore I’m using my American nickname for all my online communications and activities. Got it long ago – many people know me just by this name –  and I’m already used to it.

Therefore ones more – Hello! My name is Latti and I’m from Latvia. That’s my home country – small country somewhere in Europe 🙂   I like traveling a lot. And I like freedom and experience that it gives me. Therefore I’ve visited many places. Well, maybe some people have traveled more but generally speaking, I’ve been visiting more countries than overage person does, both for business and leisure.

My present occupation is Sales Training and Marketing activities for different type of companies. But before this I used to work for TeleMedia – subsidiary office of large Scandinavian telecomunication company  and that was a job with a lot of lacal and international travel. Other thing that I’m involved right now actually is fitness industry – I’m working as fitness instructor as well. Both of these experiences – business and fitness – are the things that makes me travel a lot.

Recently I have turned the things I like into the things I can share with others. Besides this blog I have set up an online travel site – HandyTravelAgency.com . This website is a place were I have put together things and services I’ve been using and use now to plan & organize my travelling. Find more information, pictures and useful travel tips here in this blog and my website as well.

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