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Iceland volcano awake once more

This is happening again – some of Iceland’s volcano has awaken and stopping the air traffic in northern parts of Europe with huge ash clouds. Though this is happening second time and airlines already have some experience after last years ash eruption in Iceland, KLM, Easyjet, BA and Eastern Airways have canceled some flights today, May 23 and for tomorrow, May 24.

Mainly there will be disruptions of certain flights following a Civil Aviation Authority warning. To avoid effects of ash clouds there will be canceled flights between London and Scotland, Arctic Island, Greenland and Denmark. Of cource many travelers in Iceland, and UK are wondering how to get home or how this will effect some other travel arrangements, but generally people seem to be more calm.

The good thing is that people learn from their experience. After last years volcano eruption, when there was no air traffic in most of European countries for a week and many travelers were stuck in airports, this time authorities do not predict chaos as seen a year ago. Scientists say ash seems to be more heavy and fall back to earth but winds directions are more favourable…

A year ago many people learned about Iceland much more than in years before and even set a competitions how to pronounce a ‘Eyjatjallajokull‘ (that was a name of active volcano). This year a task with the name is kind of easy – ‘Grimsvotn‘…

Here are some interesting links to more information and images from Iceland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMStcqHfwQ4


Air travel in Europe back to normal again

End of April has been stressful to many travelers. For 5 days there were no flights in Europe at all. People stack in between destinations; many trips canceled or didn’t start at all… People were happy if they got a ticket to bus or train… instead of 1-2 hour flight traveling up to 20 hours just to get home. Actually there were no international mails or newspapers as well.

Guess what was the reason for all this chaos in Airports? …Mother Nature… There was a volcano in Iceland that “woke up”  and sky the Europe was filled with the volcanic ash. Actually there are some countries that periodically close  and reopen airspace for some time till now. Something like that happened for the first time. But now we have this experience and people will pay more attention to the travel insurence and traveling by trains and buses. So every bad experience gives us something good. And we learn how to handle it for the next time.

It was almost  2 weeks ago. Now everything seems be back to normal. And I ‘m kind lucky because I have a trip scheduled for the beginning of summer. This time my traveling takes me to the US – New York and Orlando are my destinations. At first I will stay in NY (or to be precise in Long Island) for a week and then head of to sunshine state of Florida. I have made plans to do some sightseeing in NY. Follow the posts.