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Summer time is here!

Just a quick note – tonight many European countries turn their clocks one hour ahead for Daylight Savings time. Many might like many not really. This weekend it will affect just people working or traveling. Other ones will have just one hours less to sleep…

Since I’m traveling to Russia in a few days, here is one thing that got my attention – this is the last time Russians are turning clocks for the Daylight Savings / Standard time. The time shift will be made last time in accordance with the decision of  Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

According the President’s decision, there will be no switch back to ‘winter time’. This decision is based on some studies were it has been stated that “the need to adapt (to the time switching) is connected with stress and illnesses”. Some experts has confirmed that the time change twice a year violates the human life biorhythm.

How it will affect rest of the world? As long as we switch to the summer / winter time, Russia will have prolonged day light & the time difference will vary GMT +3 or +2 hours for the Moscow & St Petersburg.

P.S Other news is that now there are just 9 time zones in Russia.