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Best vacation time has a ‘do nothing’ time as well.

Even though it seems that vacation is a time when people get rest  and can breakaway from everyday routines, for many people it’s very stressful time. I would say there are two options – many people consider vacation as an opportunity to do the things they havent done while working or really use as an opportunity to relax & do things in easy pace.enjoying the sunny day

Often we make a something like ‘wish list’ for the vacation time, what’s needed to do. Consider things you would like to do and you need to do. Someone has a lot of travel activities, someone is planning to visit relatives or go to countryside for a while.

What is on your vacation list?

  • Go to the movies;
  • spend more time outside the house;
  • go to an amusement park;
  • do some homework;
  • trip to Europe;
  • go to the beach;
  • clean your room;
  • design you dream house;
  • cook 3 meals a day;
  • read work related books;
  • chat with friends on facebook;
  • take summer courses at the community college;
  • spend more time with children;
  • visit relatives…

Well, did you pick things that relates to you? But where is a ‘do nothing’ time, when you will:

  • forget about alarm clock and have a ‘lazy’ morning;
  • surf the Internet without checking an e-mail;
  • do things with no-rush attitude during the day;
  • have a cup of tea and watch life going on outside the window;
  • eat and drink slowly, with enough time to taste a food;
  • read a book while at taking long warm bath;
  • spend time with family or friends without rushing;
  • head out to seaside & watch sunset;
  • do one thing at the time.

    enjoy the sunshine or watch people passing by

    enjoy the sunshine or simply watch people passing by

What comes to traveling, do you have a list of sightseeing ‘must see today’ places? Planning is good. But do you know that all the plans are made to be changed? If this is your holiday, do you really need to get up at 7am to have a quick breakfast and be first in line to famous tourist attraction?

I like traveling. I like sightseeing. But somehow staying in a queue for an hour or two to get  up on viewing platform of Notre Dame Cathedral, getting in to Coliseum/ Louvre  or  visit a Vatican doesn’t sound tempting at all. Therefore I would suggest use tourist sightseeing passes that include transportation and line skipping as much as possible 🙂

There are things that I don’t understand either – like traveling 5 European cities in 7 days or running trough British Museum in two hours. I see just a lot of stress from getting from place to place and tired people of ‘too much information’ in short time. I wish people would enjoy more:

  • breakfast without rush;
  • catching the morning sun at the hotel’s swimming pool;
  • enjoying the view of the city or some attraction;
  • simply sit down at the park and watch people passing by;
  • enjoy sunset (sunrise is nice as well, but too early 🙂 )sunrise

I do understand that not everyone can have 1 or 2 month off the job but even a week is good for it. With good planning even a short breakaway can be helpful to ‘recharge batteries’ of your body & soul. Do the things you have been wishing for a long time or go to the places that are off your regular route… 

With all the activities going on don’t forget to include time, when you ‘do nothing’. Modern meaning of ‘holidays‘ is a special days to have a rest or relaxation ( as an opposite to normal days of work).

Relax, take it easy!

…and enjoy you vacation days!