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Traveling Russia? Celebration of May 9

Today is the May 9. If you happen to travel in eastern Europe or be in any part of Russia you know it by now ūüôā In Russia and places with large russian community this day is very special.¬† End of Second World War. Many say that¬†Victory Day celebrations ¬†is one of the most celebrated¬†amongst New Year’s Eve and ¬†Birthdays in Russia.

‚ÄúThere’s a war hero in every family, not necessarily someone who fought but someone who worked and survived during the war,‚ÄĚ therefore celebration of May 9 is very popular in Russia.

Historically it is celebration of Victory in Second World war in 1945. In Moscow on May 9 there is a big military parade and it is the national holiday ion Russia. In other big cities there could be some meeting  or smaller parade held. In this day you can see many orderly people in jackets with a lot of medals and flowers walking around.

Lately¬†as a sign of¬†May 9 celebrations¬†is a ribbon of St. George as well. Many people might even don’t know what it means but you will see many people wearing a¬†small orange – black¬†¬†striped ribbon.

Simple idea , started in 2005 has huge success not just in Russia but in every other place  with russian community. Every spring ribbons appears on cars, bags, posters as a sign of memory and respect. Ribbon itself origins  way back to the times of Imperial Russia, when it was introduced as the highest military decoration instituted by Catherine the Great.

Not positive side of¬† May 9 celebrations in Russia¬†– by the evening there will be more drunk people on the streets. Because one of russian traditions for remembering a friend is to drink a small glass of vodka. If celebrations beginn¬†in the morning, how many friends there are to ‘remember’ & how many other reasons to have a tost¬†‘for Victory’? That is one of the things that are mistery for people just traveling in Russia…