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Exploring beauty of Norway in winter

Some time ago I participated in contest Norway.YourWay set by VisitNorway. My wish to be amongst 5 lucky persons to explore Norway this winter was great but I was not selected. The prize for the contest winners was great – 10 day trip with a lot of activities and adventures around Norway.

Well, it was already set in the rules for participation that 4 people will be selected from certain countries – UK, Germany, Spain and Netherlands. My hope was to be the one from ‘other European countries’. …not this time 😦 . Girl from Poland was chosen for this spot.

views of Norway

Travel destination - Norway

Anyway, this trip is about showing the world great outdoor travel  opportunities in  Norway during the winter. Norway.YourWay hava created a ‘trip of lifetime’ for participants. Lillehammer, Oslo, Bergen, Flam, Voss, Norefjell, Alesund, Tromso, Alta and North Cape are the places explorers are visiting (trip is going on right now Feb 18 – 27, 2011).

Adventure seekers are sharing with their travel experience &pictures on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. I found two of them very nice. I like Nancy’s blog NancyExpeditieNoorwegen  and VisitNorway Spanish branch blog. Even they are not in English, Google translation does wonders & pictures are wonderful 🙂

10 days is not a short trip to Norway. Not everybody will get a chance to do same route but you can get ideas about places you wish to visit in Norway. I see that if to divide this trip in two parts – southern and northern part of Norway, then there will be two wonderful journeys with a lot of sightseeing and physical activities. 

This Scandinavian country is very special and beautiful. I’ve been in Norway in spring  and in summertime, but now seeing these wonderful images from activities during wintertime I have great temptation to try it despite of cold weather outside.

Winter in Norwegian mountains

My favorite picture from Norwegian mountains

Cross country or downhill skiing, fishing in the sea and dog sledging are just a few activities provided for people getting to know Norway. Will see if 5 explorers and Norway.YourWay team will be lucky enough to find Northern Light.

Otherwise, enjoy the images from places Nancy and 4 other lucky explorers visited so far in Norway:)

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Travel destination – Norway

You know I’ve been in Norway before. At first visited Oslo and  Gjovic few years ago. Then went to Bergen last summer. Norway is the place where after a first visit to it, people wanna return for more. Same has happened to me 🙂

Even more – I have entered the contest NORWAY.YOUR WAY to be part of 10-days journey to explore Norway  all the way from Oslo up to North Cape. There will be 5 winners selected from different countries. Here is my entry video.  Leave your vote on VisitNorway page to support me to be part of this Adventure.

There are few more days to go for this competition. A lot of people are looking forward to hunting for Northern Lights & dog sledging.

Wonderful nature and majestic mountain views are things that make people to fall in love with this country. No wonder National Geographic has put Norway as one of the top travel destinations for 2011.

Seasonal accomodation in Europe.

It’s wintertime here in Europe. As you know its cold and we have a lot of snow for a few months. Creative and business minded people are using this.

For people who are looking for extreme experience there are several winter accommodations – hotels or igloo’s build from snow.  Rooms are created by ice artists. Each year the places are a little bit different because these hotels are seasonal 🙂

Room temperature in ice hotel is 0 to – 6 C ( 32 – 21 F). Imagine – you  sleep on reindeer skins in special sleeping bags. In the morning there is hot lingonberry juice  served. For more fun you can try ride with the snow-mobile or dog sled.

There are several ice hotels are located in Scandinavia. Most famous are original ICEHOTEL is located in small village Jukkasjarvi, Sweden and SnowVillage in Lainio, Finland. Both these places are around 200 km above the Arctic Circle. The new entry in this category is Kirkenes SnowHotel in Norway.

Check out before they are melted!

P.S. If you are not for so extreme adventures but wanna feel, how it is to be there – visit ICEBAR in Stockholm, London, Copenhagen, Tokio or Oslo.

I’m lucky

This is how I felt during my weekend trip to Norway. I was in Bergen for two days and both of them were sunny. For the rest of the world it’s nothing special but for Bergen it is. Everybody I was talking to, kept saying that I’m lucky with this weather. And I got the feeling of being lucky 🙂

Already before my trip, everybody, who has been in Norway / Bergen was saying that I need to take some warmer clothes (considering it is summertime in Europe) and prepare for the rain. Bergen is situated in western coast on Norway. There are seven mountains around the city of Bergen. Winds come from Atlantic Ocean and get trapped in . So rainy weather is reality for locals.

 While walking around the cityI could see it everywhere – local people are enjoying the sunshine. Even on friday, every green spot was filled with people reading or having a barbecue, children playing in playgrounds. Talked to people traveling around the area and they said that trip to Norway is nice but the weather… Agree, if there is rain and fog than not much fun for sightseeing.People waiting for funicular

Because of nice weather I did a lot of walking around a Bergen. Views with the mountains around the city were great. On second day of my stay I did go up the Mount Floyen. Short ride with Bergen’s famous funicular to the best viewpoint in town.

Afterwards I took some trail of mountain walk. Norwegians’ have great passion for mountain walking. There were many people taking a walk around the area – families with small children, groups of friends or tourists.  Walk through wooden areas, passing small lakes and various viewpoints was great. It took less than half an hour to go down. But many local people and people looking to walk as a fitness activity were going uphill.

Hiking in MountainsIf visiting Bergen, try out this soft adventure of  ‘walk like a Norwegians’. For me all the walk took around 4 hours (including the  time for pictures, enjoying the views and conversations with people around) . But there are a maps with the trails of different length. You can spend whole day wandering around Mount Floen or even go hiking to the Ulriken mountain (643m) right next to. Shortest time for visiting just view platform of Bergen with a funicular up and down is about an hour.

View of Bergen from Mount FloenI will finish this entry with the same sentence I started – I’m lucky. Lucky because of weather. Lucky to have this experience of mountain walking. Lucky to have time to wander around the city with no particular goal.  With the smile on my face, I was feeling lucky and happy to be here.