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Traveling to Moscow? 7 Things to Know

Everything is back to normal again because  I’ve been at home already for a few days. But there are few things I’d like to mentioned about my resent trip to Moscow.

1) After  finding out that I was in Moscow many people say – WOW, that’s great – but they don’t feel like to do the same. Why? Because they feel a bit afraid from traveling to Russia.  Yes – Russia is different from the rest of Europe. But that makes it interesting 🙂

Moscow. English signs

In central part of Moscow there are many signs in English

Big cities, like Moscow & St Petersburg are save travel destinations for tourists. Many people do speak English. In central part of Moscow there are many signs in English as well. During my trip I met a couple from Brasil they said that they love Moscow absolutly. They didn’t speak English either… many travel guides do speak Spanish or Italian.

 2) When people get Russian visa they are told that they need to register within 3 working days. If you stay in 2-3 star hotel in Moscow, they already provide this service automatically. If staying in smaller private/ family run hotels or outside the big cities ask them about options. It is better to have this registration because otherwise can get some fines.

I’d like to mention that it is normal that Russian police officers now & then check someones ID. Always carry a passport with you. In Russia passport is the main ID document.

3) There is no Tourist Information Center in Moscow such as. Though you can find many leaflets, basic maps or information on most popular sightseeing places in the hotel’s lobby or ask information desk about how to get from place to place. Though if you have a good guide-book with area maps & metro plan it is kind of easy get from place to place.

4) Moscow is a big city. The best thing to avoid confusion is to prepare for the trip in advance: Where,  what is located? How to get there?

Do online research for sightseeing places worth to visit in Moscow or get good travel guide-book. Russians use public buses and taxis (or private cars) a lot but I would strongly suggest use Metro (subway). Print out Moscow Metro map to make marks where the hotel is located and how you will get there. Just write down directions & the name of nearby metro station.

5) What comes to the Metro (subway) – there are subway maps everywhere in stations & inside the train. It is cheap & convenient way of transportation in Moscow. Just look for the place or building with big red sign ‘M’.

Moscow. Sign for the subway - M

Moscow. Sign for the subway - red letter 'M'

Yes, there are a lot of people using it, therefore get 10x card for fast entrance through ticket chek point. There are special doors for entrance and others just for exiting. Find the name of metro station you need, pick the ‘line’ & follow the signs to the station or changing the train ‘lines’. Entrance in to the train is fast. Quick out – quick in & it’s gone…

6) It might not seem fair that there are special ‘foreigner’ price for the entrance tickets to many museums or theater performances. But there is nothing much to do – foreign travelers pay 2 – 3 times the price that locals pay. That’s why often you’ll see one price in English but other ones in Russian.

So there are two options to solve this problem. One – you speak more or less fluent Russian to buy tickets; two – if there are some local people you know, who could buy tickets for you (& don’t talk much while passing the lady who is checking the tickets 🙂 )

Moscow streets. Rush hour traffic jam.

Moscow streets. Rush hour traffic jam.

 7) Be aware of the cars ot the streets. I would say that driving culture is very low in Russia. They more or less follow ‘red’ and ‘green’ lights but otherwise be careful. Main streets are very wide with a lot of cars and traffic jams. Therefore going from places to places by car takes time. But the main thing I wanted to say here is that if you want to cross the street even on pedestrian walk, watch out for the cars.

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Moscow is not really welcoming me :)

Here I am – in the middle of Russian capital. First day is almost over. A bit tired but still happy to be here. Because now I’ m at the hotel already & I like it :). Of course I knew the place and been staying in this hotel long ago. Hotel is good but what I like the best is the view from the window.

Moscow. View from my hotel room

Moscow by night. View from my hotel room

So therefore I can say that there is something good as well. As planned, after arrival at the Seremetyevo Airport I took the Aeroexpress train to the Beloruskiy Station. From there I needed to take a Metro till station Universitetskaya. But it turned out that Park Cultury Metro station is closed for renovation & trains do not stop there. & here comes the problem – that was the station I needed to change lines.

Moscow. Beloruskiy Train Staion

Moscow. Arriving at the beloruskiy train station

I mentioned earlier on that I like Moscow Metro – no I had an opportunity to travel around it. Needed to take two additional trains with 5 additional stops to get to the station I needed. Moscow is very big city. And you need to do some planning how to get from place to place or where is what. At first it might get a bit confusing. Later on it was easier but still…

With the Metro that was a first confusion at the beginning of trip for me. Another one happened in the afternoon when I wanted to do some sightseeing. One of the places worth to visit is Vorobjovi Gori. From there you can get great view of the city. What I wanted is to take a little walk in area of Moscow State University building. Actually this building itself is impressive. It is the highest one from the Stalin’s time buildings in Moscow. With the 36 floors it is hard to miss if you go to Vorobjovi Gori.

Moscow. Kapitoliy shopping center

Moscow. Inside the 'Kapitoliy' shopinnig center

Why I didn’t get there? When I was free to go, there was a heavy snow with a rain together. And that at the end of March! What I was left to do? 🙂 Go Shopping 🙂 Believe me – there are a lot of big Shopping malls in the Moscow.

What are the main things from today I wanted to say?

1. Good that now you can buy Aeroexpress train ticket with the credit card (there was no such an option at the beginning).

2. Prices are not exactly as mentioned in their website or they were a year ago. 350 rub is for single trip but round trip (ticket valid for 30 days) is 590 rub for direct train ride Seremetyevo Airport – Moscow.

3. As mentioned above – Park Kultury Metro station on ‘Circle line’ is closed for reconstruction till October, 2011.

4. Prices are changed for metro ride cards as well. Now 10x card costs 265 rub (single ride is still the same – 28 rub)