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Are you watching Eurovision?

This is kind of funny – I mean the Eurovision Song Contest. Everybody says they don’t like it; everybody says that is not a serious contest; songs are not good; singers are not professionals and the winning song will have a ‘short live’…

But in many European countries professional singers are trying to be the ones that represent country. But what’s even more fun that everybody knows or have heard at least some thing about Eurovision Song Contest. & to be more fun, in Facebook Eurovision Song Contest has got already 307  791 likes. Even more – to some posts about favorites before tonight’s semi-finals there are more than 4000 comments (and they keep coming )…

Wondering what it’s all about? Every year European Broadcasting Union is organising a song contest where every European country can be represented with one, lately published song. The winner takes it all – I mean the fame 🙂 but the winner’s country is the host of the next years contest. This year Eurovision Song Contest is hosted in Dusseldorf, Germany because last year it was won by Lena – a girl with a simple but ‘sticky’ song ‘Satelites’.

What ever is the people’s attitude to this song contest, millions of Europeans are watching this contest on TV and hosting country gets some additional tourist attention as well. Tickets to the finals are sold out in every country. Besides the local crowds, there are people who travel to the new destination every year just to be part of the event. Last year Oslo was hosting all the participants and travelers to the Eurovision Song Contest.  Before that many popular European travel destinations like Moskow, Belgrad, Helsinki,  Kiev, Riga, London, Stockholm, Dublin, Paris and many more European cities have welcomed Eurovision Song Contest.

What is your favorite Eurovision song?

P.S. Even though this is a song contest, many people turn on TV when the final voting goes on ( every participationg country can select their TOP 10 but own song).

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Travel plans for Berlin

With all the online services it’s very easy to plan a trip to any place prom comfort of home. My next trip is to Fitness conference in Berlin. I’ve been in Germany before but this year it is in different place in Berlin -LokaHi Loft Berlin, not far from Adenauer Platz. Therefore have to do some online  investigation.

 There are areas in Berlin I’m more familiar with and this time event will be held in area that I like a lot – Kurfurstendamm. And here comes the privileges of Internet – option to see location on the maps and find area information as well. I will take a few extra days to have some time on my own to do sightseeing (and shopping 🙂 ). Therefore this time to pick a hotel I have 3 things to consider – location, breakfast and free WiFi Internet access. Thats is where Booking.com comes in – for European hotels this is the best site to look. Good prices and all the necessary additional information about hotels. Good idea – read hotel reviews before booking.

Well, but there are so many hotels in area of Kurfustendamm…