European Museum Night 2011

Tonight on May 14, in many European cities there are a lot of evening activities going on. Besides grand finals of Eurovision Song Contest tonight Europe has some other event  in common – a Museum Night. In every big or not so big city there are many museums open late and have free entrance. With special programs, cultural activities, concerts and other hapennings going on from 7pm  till 1am of May 15.

European Museum Night

European Museum Night 2011, Riga

In Baltic States – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania this event has some additional title – Neighbours. People visiting museums will have opportunity to find out interesting things about locals but get to know something about neighbouring countries as well.

In Latvian capital Riga this year people can visit not just museums but places like the Riga Palace, the House of Parliament – Saeims. Several Universities located in central part of Riga have created special programs regarding science, culture or history. And as a tradition many bookstores are open late as well, offering great discounts for books.

Middle of May is very good time for events like this, because the weather is good already for late night walking. And people enjoy it. Usually we go more to the museums when traveling abroad or visiting some special sightseeing place. During Museum Night not just tourists are visiting Museums. With free entrance option local people are using a chance to visit as many museums as possible together with friends and family.

Visitors of Museum Night

Visitors of Museum Night at Natural History Museum Of Latvia

When was the last time there were so many people in the museum or you were staying in the line to get into History or Art Museum?

During the European Museum Night there are long lines outside before the entrance in many museums.

During the European Museum Night there are long lines outside before the entrance in many museums.

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