London – Destination of the Month

London always has been a popular travel destination. With easy transportations access and English as a communication language UK & London in particularly is one of the first choices for many travelrs. But this month is very special.

Yesterday, Apr 21 was Queen’s Elizabeth 85th Birthday. One of the privileges of being a Queen is that there are two birthdays – actual one on Apr 21 and official on June 12 (celebration goes on usually on Saturday).

One of the important events yeaterday was the traditional Royal Maundy Service at Westminster Abbey. There is a tradition that Monarchs give a special coins at Maundy Thursday. Yeomen of the Guards carried the Maundy money in red and white leather purses. This year two purses were given to 85 men and 85 women to mark the Queens age – a white purse (Maundy money) containing 85p in Maundy coins but red purse (in lieu of food and clothing) contained L5 coin and 50p  piece.
Later Queen’s Birthday was marked with two major gun salutes – first at noon in Hyde Park and second at the Tower of London at 1pm.

This year celebration of this event is a part of Royal Wedding next week. If you follow British mass media then you know that London got Royal Wedding fever ahead of Prince William and Kate’s Middleton big day.

There are 1.5 million royal wedding watchers expected in London on April 29. I think now it is to late to do some plans for visiting London during this special event but definetely can follow Royal Wedding live on April 29 at 10am London time. Well not very comfortable times for US – 2 am (PST), 5 am (EDT) but for European countries you can watch it if you are off the job or staying at fome 🙂

For the latest updates go to Royal Weding and visit London sites.

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