Getting ready for long weekend getaway in Stockholm.

Spring is almost here & so is Easter. I’ll use this long weekend – 4 days are almost like a sort vacation 🙂 – for visiting a Stockholm, Sweden. Have been there long ago but then someone was showing the best visitor’s attractions to me. Now I’m looking forward doing sightseeing on my own and exploring one of the beautiful Scandinavian cities during the spring time.

 Swedish capital has great architecture and many points of interest to visit.  Stockholm is very nice for sightseeing because there is an easy access to many tourist attractions. Right now I don’t have a particular plan for my visit but I know that one of the first things I’ll do is visit Stockholm’s Tourist Center (right across the street from the Central Train Station) to get  some city maps & latest updates for events during the Easter. Then I’ll just walk around the central part of Stockholm to get an ideas what I’d like  & need to see. 

What comes to this trip is that this is the first time I’ll be using Ryanair – popular low-cost airline. This is kind of new experience for me. I have heard o lot of stories about traveling with Ryanair. Many of my friends & relatives are using this airline a lot. The good part is the cheap price for the tickets for traveling within European destinations but down side is the little service and location of airports served.

Ryanair uses Skavsta Airport for Stockholm destination  – around 100 km southwest from city therefore one of the issue is how to get to/from Airport to Stockholm. The  easiest & cheapest option is to use Flygbussarna direct buses. Return ticket for adult costs 238 SEK with online advance purchase. Tickets can be purchased at the Airport & on the bus as well. But important note, that from Jan 1, 2011 busses are cash free – which means payments are accepted just by credit cards (and no Maestro or Visa Electron).

One thing that I already learned is that you can register & get boarding pass for the flight 15 days in advance.  And many people are doing it as soon as online registration is open to get better seating. When I was checking in 4 (and 7) days in advance I got seating somewhere at the end of  the plane.  Good that you can register for both – inbound and outbound flights – in same time. But why do they need to have my ID for trip within the Europe? Havent seen that anywhere else.

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