Day of Cosmonautics. Anyone for a Space travel?

Today, April 12 is the World Cosmonautics Day. I don’t know how about the rest of the wold, but Russia is very proud about this – 50 years ago Yuri Gagarin was a first man travel to the space. Y.Gagarin made a first space flight on the spaceship ‘Vostok’ launched from Baikonur Space center.

Somehow during my last trip I had few places around me in relation with the word  ‘Space’.

1. The Hotel I was staying:

Hotel Cosmos, Moscow

Hotel Cosmos, Moscow

2) the monument across the road:

Moscow monuments

Moscow monuments

3) the museum on the way:

Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow

Museum of Cosmonautics near VDNKh, in Moscow

Well, to add some more – here is one I took last summer, while in Orlando, Florida:

Atlantis launch on May 14, 2010

Space shuttle Atlantis take off on May 14, 2010

The view was so cool that for a minute I forgot to take a picture 🙂 … so as you see – it’s gone already…

Some time ago space was just for science and very few people could go there. Now some people are not dreaming about space traveling but actually getting ready for sightseeing of the planet Earth. What will be next?

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