Tallinn, Estonia – budget friendly travel destination.

Every year popular travel magazines and portals are making different TOP lists. Recently I saw the list of Top Budget Travel Destinations made by Budget Travel. From European destinations Dublin (Ireland), Tallinn (Estonia) and Lisbon (Portugal) were mentioned. From my experience, I agree on first two but instead of Lisbon would put Berlin (Germany).

First of all, my understanding of term ‘budget friendly’ is slightly different from Budget Travel editor’s because I don’t think that  hotel room of $150 or more is budget friendly. Well, I’m not a person who is looking for hostel type accommodation either. If I think of ‘budget friendly’ destinations, I’m checking for hotels in price range  35 – 60 Euro ($50 – $85) for single room. That is the overage price you can find a hotel in central part (or close to it) of city. What comes to the European destinations, Booking.com is the best resource for the hotel search (same like for USA destinations I’d use Travelocity).

Old Town Roofs, Tallinn

Old town roofs. Tallinn is waking up

I’m glad that Tallinn has been listed us up-and-coming. I’ve been there several times and always like it. What comes to international travelers, Estonia is one of Baltic States near Baltic sea. With Helsinki (Finland), Riga (Latvia), St Petersburg (Russia) and Stockholm (Sweden) in easy reach, Tallinn is great destination for multi-city trips as well.

On Jan 1, Estonia is part of Euro zone. That makes all the travel more convenient to this country. To celebrate crown of  2011 European Capital of Culture, Tallinn is hosting many major international events. You can find the list of upcoming events at VisitEstonia.com.

Old Town, Tallinn

Streets of Old Town, Tallinn

As a capital, Tallinn is not a big city – just around 440 000 inhabitants. But is has many interesting things to see. Tallinn’s heart is Old Town – UNESCO protected medieval city center. Most of cobblestone streets and properties, important state and church buildings, citizens and merchant’s residences dating back 11th century, are preserved in their origin form.

Whether you have only few hours or few days to walk around, Tallinn’s Old Town is beautiful and enchanting during all seasons. With easy reach from Port, Bus and Train Station. Every time I visit Tallinn, I’d like to take a walk in narrow streets of Old Town. Old Town Square is hard to miss. If you have a time, check out lunch / dinner menu at Olde Hansa. This is something very special & nice. Stroll the streets of Old Town to find the way up to the Upper Town Toompea public viewing platforms for spectacular views over medieval rooftops.

New Tallinn at night

Modern side of central Tallinn

Tallinn is very dynamic city with capacity to grow. In last decade Tallinn has changed a lot. Now there are many new modern buildings in central part of city. Not everybody likes it but one way or other, Tallinn has an ability to blend medieval architecture with Scandinavian modernity. During tha last few years Tallinn has become modern, competitive and innovative capital, with unique Estonian identity.

P.S. Test your knowledge about Estonia & win a free trip to Tallinn from VisitEstonia.com

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